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We will support you on the way to your digitalSTROM smart home: Simply send us a request and we will find the right qualified partner for you directly in your neighbourhood. They will then get in touch with you and provide you with customised, in-person advice – free of charge and non-binding, of course.

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The benefits of digitalSTROM

With digitalSTROM, all devices in the house are digitised and networked.
This provides numerous benefits to residents:

A new lifestyle

When you have comfort and convenience to the highest degree, a whole new way of life emerges.

Easy operation

The home can be easily and conveniently controlled via voice, smartphone or a standard light sensor.

Simple installation

Installation can be easily carried out at any time; once installed, the system is virtually invisible in both new and existing buildings alike.

Always up to date

You’ll be able to upgrade your home, which automatically improves it year on year and keeps your abode viable for the future in the long term.

Increased security

A networked home is safer than a non-connected home because special applications and security technology protect the residents and the entire household.

Better energy efficiency

Each individual device’s energy consumption becomes transparent; smart automatic features ensure perfect consumption optimisation.

Easy access to the world of digitalSTROM

Learn how easily digitalSTROM is able to move into your home and how the networking of analogue and digital appliances works.


1. Get informed

Consult our website to get informed about the benefits of digitalSTROM. Here you will find important information, the full range of products plus exciting insights into the new dimension of living.


2. Contact us

Have we piqued your curiosity? Then simply get in touch with our friendly and experienced smart home experts.

You can reach them at:

DE/AT +49 6441 2031010
CH +41 44 445 99 67

Or by Email:


3. On site

With around 1,000 qualified partners we possess an almost comprehensive network of experienced digitalSTROM experts, who will provide you with customised, in-person advice on site and make you a tailored offer.


4. Plan

Every house, every apartment is different, and demands vary from occupant to occupant. That is why professional and individual planning is essential. Our qualified partners will come to you, and together you will draw up a precise plan for turning your home into a digitalSTROM smart home.


5. Installation

Installation is performed by an experienced digitalSTROM electrician – quickly, cleanly and problem-free. This is because no new lines need to be laid for digitalSTROM. And thanks to easy Plug & Play, all functions are ready for you to use immediately after installation.

The digitalSTROM webshop

Visit our digitalSTROM webshop and explore attractive offers and the full range of digitalSTROM products.

Satisfied customers and partners of digitalSTROM

Around the globe, countless impressed customers are already living in digitalSTROM Smart Homes.

Jonas Hiller
Jonas Hiller

Swiss ice-hockey goalkeeper

‘I haven’t found any other system that offers such good value for money.’

Sven Oswald
Sven Oswald

TV and radio host

‘The modular structure of digitalSTROM allows for gradual expansion – depending on your wants and your budget.’

Thomas Roesberg
Thomas Roesberg

Managing Director, Albertsen-Elektro

‘digitalSTROM’s performance and ease of installation impressed us.’

Angelika Heier-Zimmer
Angelika Heier-Zimmer


‘I wanted an easy-to-use Smart Home system that could be installed without any structural changes to the building.’

For new and existing buildings.
Reliable and future-proof infrastructure.
Modular design. Can be expanded at any time.