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A pleasant indoor climate
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Intelligent heating control system
to keep you feeling great

One person likes the bath to be nice and warm in the morning, another needs it a bit cooler to wake up. That’s no problem at all, as your digitalSTROM Smart Home automatically sets itself to every resident’s liking. You can create the most comfortable indoor climate in any room, at any time of day, and for every resident with the automated heating control system.

This doesn’t just improve your own wellbeing, it also ensures maximum energy efficiency. The digitalSTROM heating control system gives you full access to all of your heating system’s settings and measurement values. In this way, you can keep an eye on your energy consumption at all times, and have a handle on your bills.

The most comfortable temperature for every resident, in every room

The right temperature in every room at all times doesn’t just improve energy efficiency. In a digitalSTROM Smart Home, your heating system knows what temperature is the most efficient for the cellar or the healthiest for the bedroom. A customised temperature control system (e.g. in the bathroom) makes sure every resident feels totally comfortable.

Save energy and money thanks to an intelligent heating control system

A digitalSTROM Smart Home heats only when it’s needed, and all by itself to boot. The temperature is lowered automatically when you leave the house in the morning. This saves energy and money throughout the day. You can come home to a comfortable indoor temperature in the evening thanks to the intelligent heating control system.

Incorporating heating into settings

Heating and values that are measured by the room climate sensor (digitalSTROM room sensor for measuring temperature and humidity), can be incorporated into overall settings. They can regulated by time controls, day and night settings, or even by lowering consumption if you are away temporarily

Cross-device applications

The temperature and humidity values provided by the room climate sensor are not only used for room temperature control. They can also be used for intelligent fan or shading device control, such as automated blinds and shutters.

Heating and shading: a powerful interaction

The automatic heating and blind control system ensures that things are noticeably more comfortable and convenient, and helps you save energy. When it’s cold out, you can use the sun’s rays during the day to save on fuel bills. In the evening, the blinds keep heat in the house, and also provide insulation. They provide production from direct sunlight in the summer.

Simple operation via app

All functions and applications can be controlled via smartphone with the climate control app. The mobile control system doesn’t just allow you to set the desired temperature for every room. You also have complete control of heating on the go, to enjoy a flat that has been pre-heated to a pleasant temperature when you get home, for example.

Alternative incorporation via wireless standard

If there is no power line available to incorporate into the digitalSTROM system, you can fall back on the EnOcean wireless standard. A Thermokon sensor, a wireless valve actuator or other devices can be incorporated with an EnOcean gateway (from Plan44, for example).

Strong products for an amazing Smart Home

Numerous products from reputable manufacturers are compatible with digitalSTROM.

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