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Get on with life and feel completely safe -
in a digitalSTROM Smart Home

You and your home are safely protected 24 hours a day with digitalSTROM.
Numerous security applications and different devices intelligently working together ensure that you always feel safe. For example, in the event of a break-in, burglars can be put to flight; lives can be saved during housefires. A digitalSTROM Smart Home provides security you can rely on.

However, it doesn’t just protect you and your property. The system architecture, infrastructure and our system’s operating systems are designed in such a way that your privacy is well protected, and risk of misuse is kept to a minimum.

Fully prepared for emergencies

Fire alarm! Now quick assistance is needed. The alarm reports the emergency straight to the digitalSTROM system, which automatically clears and illuminates all escape routes. Additional, life-saving safety instructions are also issued in the form of a voice output. The system informs your family, neighbours or the fire brigade simultaneously. As a result, you gain a significant safety and time advantage, which can save lives in the worst-case scenario.

Your personal 24/7 property protection system

You can enjoy your holiday without a care in the world with the Smart Home security system from digitalSTROM – because your home takes over the reins while you’re away. The digitalSTROM system controls the lights and shutters with a random number generator, so your home looks occupied 24 hours a day. This means you no longer need to worry about a break-in.

No need to panic

If you ever hear an unsettling noise in your home – don’t panic, your Smart Home is here for you! Just say the word ‘help’ to your smartphone or press the panic button that’s on the bedside lamp: Before you know it, automatic light and noise will put any intruder to flight.

Burglars have no chance

If a burglary alarm is detected, for example, all lamps are switched on and the shutters are opened automatically in your digitalSTROM Smart Home. Burglars are spoken to directly immediately after being detected, and are informed that the break-in has been detected and has already been reported.

When your property adapts to itself.

A digitalSTROM Smart Home is able to detect critical situations early on, respond by itself and sound the alarm. If a storm is gathering, the blinds open automatically and prevent damage due to strong winds. If windows or doors have not been closed correctly, you will be notified straight away (e.g. via push message on your smartphone), and you can let your neighbours know. You can avoid nasty surprises and more severe damage with digitalSTROM – even when you’re not at home.

My data is mine

A digitalSTROM Smart Home is fundamentally safer than a non-connected home. In addition we also ensure that data security and data protection is guaranteed with us. Using special methods such as "differential privacy" it is possible to make very differentiated encryptions. This creates for you an optimum of "privacy" as well as an "added value through data".

Strong products for an amazing Smart Home

Numerous products from reputable manufacturers are compatible with digitalSTROM.

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