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Numerous advantages due to automated shading control

Shutter, awning and blind control systems have an important role to play in a digitalSTROM Smart Home : they respond intelligently to light, weather and temperature conditions at a specific time of day (e.g. when getting up in the morning or going to sleep), or open and close automatically when you’re away on holiday. In the event of a break-in or fire alarm, shutter or blind control systems may even save lives or help to send burglars packing.

More security due to smart shading

A smart shading control system provides additional security. Let your shutters, blinds and awnings be controlled during your holiday like they would be if you were home. In the event of a burglary, the shutters are opened automatically, thus drawing attention to the break-in. When a fire alarm has gone off, the automatic shutter control system makes a significant contribution to ensuring the residents can leave the house in good time: a smart home for increased security.

Save valuable time

It’s the same old time-consuming ritual every morning and evening: rolling your shutters and blinds up and down. But in a digitalSTROM Smart Home, the ritual is a thing of the past; the entire shading system in your home is automatic and can be controlled centrally. Use the shutter control system in the way that’s most convenient for you: via light switch, smartphone, voice control or time switch. This saves you valuable time that you can use for more useful activities.

Adapts to all weathers

Does the sunshine make your home uncomfortably hot in the summer? Do storms damage your blinds while you’re away in the autumn? That’s all ancient history now. In a digitalSTROM Smart Home, your blinds and shutters go up or down automatically – depending on the temperature, time of day or weather. The automatic blind control system always provides the most comfortable indoor climate and protects from expensive damage.

The most appropriate setting for any situation

Have you just settled down to watch a film with your family, but the setting sun is shining right on your TV? There surely can’t be anything more irritating than having to get up and operate every shutter or blind manually. In a digitalSTROM Smart Home, all you need to enjoy your film is a spoken instruction: ‘I want to watch TV.’ Your shutters and blinds set themselves with the intelligent shading control system.

A push of a button or a voice command is all you need

In a digitalSTROM Smart Home, you control your blinds and shutters in the way that is most convenient and practical for you. Central via any light switch (e.g. from bed), in passing with a simple voice command or sitting comfortably on your sofa via smartphone: It’s never been so simple.

Strong products for an amazing Smart Home

Numerous products from reputable manufacturers are compatible with digitalSTROM.

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